The following are some comments from our alumni, Board of Trustees, and industry professionals.

"One of the fundamental philosophies that provided a foundation for PDI was its focus on education. The future of the industry rests on the shoulders of the next person who walks in the door, so we stressed the need to embrace and develop new talent. Cogswell's vision shares many of the same values. Besides, we are in the same city."

Richard Chuang, CEO of PIC2, Cogswell Board of Trustees

"If not for Cogswell, and particularly some key faculty members and alumni, I would not have this job or this career. The courses at Cogswell College gave me the foundation in fine arts and digital media to be able to step into my position here at Double Fine and immediately begin working."

Raymond Crook, Cogswell alumnus (2001) - BA Computer and Video Imaging

"Cogswell helped me turn my dream of animating for a living into a reality by giving me a working knowledge of 3D, providing connections in the industry and the interpersonal skills to get ahead."

Allen Stetson, Cogswell alumnus (1999) - BA Computer and Video Imaging

"One of the things that makes Cogswell special is that the program is more about people. The classes are small which facilitates student/faculty interaction. The faculty gets to know each student and really cares about his or her success."

Scott Church, Cogswell alumnus (2006) - BS Digital Audio Technology