Digital Arts Programs

Demand for computer artists in communications and entertainment industries continues to grow. Career opportunities in content creation are exploding in entertainment production, animation, modeling, interactive application design, user interface design, product design, game development, audio and video editing, web design, industrial visualization, and a myriad of other visual communications areas.

The Digital Arts Department coursework spans many multi-disciplinary activities. It includes traditional drawing, illustration, sculpture, graphic design, 3D modeling, animation, video, sound design, story development, storyboarding, storytelling, and media integration. The programs offer technical and applied courses utilized by companies embracing integrated media and are structured to allow students to refine their work and skills in a focused area of interest. The DA programs offer areas of concentration in 3D Animation, Modeling, Game Development, and Entertainment Design.

Basic web design skills including web graphics, interface and fundamental programming concepts are required of all participants in the DA programs. Students are introduced to the graphics strategies, concepts, and languages necessary to develop robust web designs based on solid interface understanding and integration.

Degrees offered