Engineering Programs

Students can earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Arts Engineering or Software Engineering

Cogswell's engineering programs offer practical, real-world learning opportunities and the skills needed to transition into careers as practicing professionals or to graduate study. Most engineering students must wait until they begin their graduate studies to take part in research and development projects. At Cogswell, undergraduate students have the opportunity throughout their course of study to work on projects sponsored by major corporations or created by their fellow students. Students will develop the experience and skill to implement creative solutions to problems with software, systems and applications.

Innovation is key in the industries for which Cogswell prepares students. Engineering programs at Cogswell College provide hands-on experience working with faculty in small groups in an environment that focuses on learning while blending theory and practice. Since many engineers go on to manage projects, our Entrepreneurship elective courses offer students the opportunity to gain the competencies they need to deliver projects that meet quality standards and are on schedule and within budget.

Core and foundation courses in each degree program teach students to think critically and gain insights into disciplines other than their personal field of study.

Benefits of Cogswell Engineering Program

  • Work in teams with professors on sponsored projects
  • Entrepreneurship classes offer project management skills
  • Sponsored research and development opportunities
  • Build a portfolio and resume with faculty guidance and industry-standard tools
  • Current curricula covering latest technological advances
  • Caring faculty with industry experience
  • Laboratories equipped with industrial grade hardware and software
  • Project-based education
  • Integrated lectures and lab work
  • Curricula structured for maximum credit transfer
  • Rigorous academic advising for timely graduation
  • Close interaction with students from other disciplines