Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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The Entrepreneurship and Innovation program (ENT) recognizes that students will need to create their economic destiny, whether that involves forming a new venture, growing an existing venture, or taking on greater responsibilities within a larger organization. The Entrepreneurship program is immersive, hands-on and practice-based. Real-world experience is integral to the program at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, through internships or practicums, student ventures and contacts with successful entrepreneurs drawn from Silicon Valley.

Undergraduate Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

The Bachelor of Arts program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation presents students with the knowledge and skills to plan, launch and grow a venture. It combines in-depth entrepreneurial coursework with hands-on learning and iteration, providing students with first-hand experiences and Silicon Valley networking opportunities. Students are encouraged to see themselves as entrepreneurs from their first term, working from their personal learning plan to develop their venture throughout their undergraduate program.

Undergraduate Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Digital Media

The Bachelor of Arts program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Digital Media offers students the specialized skills to create, manage and produce creative works within the context of a new or existing venture. Three areas of concentration are available: Audio Artist Management, Game Entrepreneurship and Interactive Marketing. These concentrations combine coursework in entrepreneurship together with digital arts, audio and engineering coursework as appropriate.

Audio Artist Management

The Audio Artist Management concentration is designed for musically inclined students who are looking to open their own recording studio, record label or artist management company. This concentration offers students comprehensive training in properly recording themselves or other artists as well as the skill sets to promote, manage and monetize the creative endeavors produced by their artists.

Game Entrepreneurship

The Game Entrepreneurship concentration is geared toward students who aspire to create their own games or game studio. This concentration combines a foundation in asset creation with a strong focus in game design, along with sufficient entrepreneurship courses to enable students to form teams and incorporate customer insights as well as plan, model, prototype and launch an interactive game venture.

Interactive Marketing

The Interactive Marketing concentration is focused on how to connect organizations with their customers and constituencies through internet marketing, social media and interactive collateral. This concentration combines marketing fundamentals, customer insights, web analytics and digital media creation for students who want to apply their creativity towards marketing purposes.


Graduates of the BA in Entrepreneurship will be able to:

  1. Create an innovation or new product or new business concept
  2. Construct an entrepreneurial organization or partnership within Cogswell
  3. Identify and explain the growth phases of a business
  4. Present a written business plan to an investor
  5. Identify and respond to the ethical issues of a potential strategic partnership
  6. Effectively contribute as a leader to a collaborative project
  7. Recruit advisors to a venture
  8. Create innovative method of collaborating with advisors and partners
  9. Write a personal development plan to access resources, knowledge and networks
  10. Develop projects with students outside the United States.