Game Design Art (GDA) Learning Outcomes

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Learning Outcomes

Game Design Art (GDA) Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will identify the most critical components of a project by evaluating the contributing factors.
  2. Students can develop a production plan that includes concepts, technology, and a schedule.
  3. Students produce a senior reel that integrates the principles, techniques, and skills acquired in their coursework.
  4. Students can utilize the most appropriate existing and emerging software technology in their work.
  5. Students create computer-generated images that convey messages and emotions.
  6. Students can apply the elements of design and color to their work.
  7. Students use drawing and rendering techniques to invent expressive characters, sets, and props.
  8. Students can define the role of each member of a group project.
  9. Students will effectively contribute their expertise to a collaborative project.
  10. Students develop a final project concept through experimentation and iteration.
  11. Students design and implement a project that exhibits inventive combinations of ideas, techniques, and materials.