Special Topics Course: Intellectual Property and the Digital Arts

The Entrepreneurship Program at Cogswell College is pleased to offer its Spring 2012 Special Topics course, Intellectual Property and the Digital Arts, together with the Spring 2012 Lecture Series on sharing and protecting your creative work.

Members of the public may register for college credit.
Class runs from March 7-May 2, times for online class to be arranged with the instructor.

Catalog Description for ENT599:

A hands-on introduction to digital intellectual property law, covering copyright, patents, licenses, trademarks, and trade secrets. Geared towards providing the essential knowledge and experience in the legal aspects of digital technology to students of all majors, guest speakers representing a broad range of industries, backgrounds, and legal areas of specialization will present throughout the course. Topics include US vs. international copyright law, patents and the America Invents Act, Creative Commons licenses, and relationships between technology, copyright law, and the public.

How the online course works:

Students who enroll in ENT599 are required to attend the complete series of lectures and join a live class discussion each week. This hybrid online class will be conducted using the Etudes learning environment. The cost is $729.

As a first-time hybrid offering, we want class sessions to take place in a small number of locations and with more than one student at each location. Alex Sigman, the instructor, will determine these locations with the enrolled students.

Please contact us about how to make these lectures available at your site even if you don't want to enroll for college credit.

For more information on the course or to sign up please follow the related links below:

Contact us: Course Instructor, Alex Sigman or the Entrepreneurship Program Director, Debby Hindus