Cogswell Alumni and Partners

As one might expect from an institution that first opened its doors in 1888 Cogswell has developed many important sets of relationships through the years. Two of the most important groups to any long lasting institution are the alumni and the partners.

Cogswell alumni span many generations and careers. Currently the institutional focus in on Digital Arts, Engineering and Fire Science. Cogswell alumni have worked on everything from particle accelerators to movies. In fact one of our alumni, who worked for NASA developed the longest conveyer belt in the world, which carries the space shuttle to its launch pad.

Cogswell partners over the years have included many types of companies. The two most recent relationships with partners are with Apple Computer and DigiDesign, two local leaders in technology that relates specifically to the Digital Arts. The current activities with these two innovators are focused on providing professional training in the areas of audio and video production that lead to industry-recognized certifications.

For questions regarding alumni, please contact:
John Duhring
Education Technology Specialist and Alumni Relations