3D Animation degree program courses at Cogswell College

3D Animation Courses


Principles of 3D animation using the latest 3D software applications. Topics include using the user interface, basics of motion, and basic kinematic set-up. Student will learn how to create and manage files in a production pipeline environment.


An introduction to animating four legged creatures. Basic approach to animating a quadruped animal will be studied in a simplified step by step format. Students will study anatomy and locomotion of quadrupeds, and learn to apply animation principles in achieving different Gaits on a quadruped animal. Animal behavior will be studied, and students will learn to pair behavior patterns with locomotion. Students will also learn to animate transitions between Gaits. Feature & Game animations will be routinely examined to study style and aesthetics.


Introduction to the principles of animation as applied to 3D computer graphics. Uses provided 3D models to focus on the principles of motion: physics, easing weight, timing, and blocking using the animation software module. Serves as the base for students interested in studying character/creature animation. Covers a bouncing ball, physical animation of tops, principles of jump, flour sack, pantomime, basic posing fundamentals and walk cycles.


Continuation of 3D Animation 1. Explores the creation of character walks, acting and posing using the animation software module. Introduction to character development, scene blocking, and animating using dialogue tracks, and quadruped walks. Uses provided 3D models for pantomime animation, staging, silhouette, performance, weight and overlap exercises that emphasize character.


Continuation of 3D Animation 2 with an emphasis on acting and performance. Advanced scene blocking for dialogue and introduction to facial animation and expression. Focus on refining animation, breaking joints for overlap, subtle movement and settling. Analysis of phonemes for speech and expression in eyes and mouth to maximize expression. Students will produce original animation with the option of using their own models.


Students work in teams to create a short animated film. Focus is on working as effective team while delivering individual specialized skills, the animation pipeline, project management, and communication skills are covered in depth. Students may enter as any of the following, concept artist, modeler, rigger, animator, technical director, and compositor. Training in all of these fields is comprehensive and will prepare student for entry into the job market.