3D modeling degree program at Cogswell College

3D Modeling Courses


Creation of 3D organic and industrial models using one or more software modeling packages. Topics include modeling construction using polygon and/or spline-based techniques, texture mapping, lighting, shading, and rendering. Students apply these techniques to the creation of 3D models.


Students will utilize fast and simple modeling techniques for creating meshes without UVs. Students will design in 3D quickly as possible to aid in concept design. Students will cover various lighting, texturing and painting techniques. Discussion of UV unwrapping and retopologizing the models built with Dynamesh and Shadowbox for production will also be covered.


Introduces hard and organic surface modeling pertaining to control and refinement of form. Reproduction of machine made forms and detailed organic shapes. Advanced texturing for enhancement of models. Students apply these techniques to develop 3D models.


Explores the modeling of man-made forms for sets and props in cinematic work and interactive applications such as games. Includes transferring maquettes and other analog representations to digital form while maintaining fidelity in the reproduction of artwork and real objects. Texturing and lighting, reproduction of logotypes and molded textures. Students practice parameterization for animation and digital transfer.


Explores modeling of creatures and humans for interactive applications including games and cinematic work. Maintaining fidelity to reproduction of artwork and observed subjects, texturing and lighting. Students learn to parameterize for animation and muscular flow.