Digital Art Foundation courses at Cogswell College

Digital Art Foundation Courses


An introduction to the principles of two-dimensional image making with an emphasis on visual communication. Traditional and digital production techniques are covered. Students will learn about the form and function of graphic design various principles of perception and Gestalt theory, and how they relate to graphic design. The course also serves as an introduction to image editing software.


Introduction to color theory. Subtractive color principles are addressed through exercises using traditional pigments. Additive color principles are addresses through exercises using computers and image editing software.


Explores advanced image processing using the computer. Additive color principles are introduced through exercises using computers and image editing software. Coursework includes image creation, compositing, manipulation, creating backgrounds, textures, patterns, tiling, texture mapping and matte paintings using image-editing software. Students practice graphics principles by applying them to the web, CG, and other art forms.


An introduction to traditional photographic image making with the addition of a digital perspective. Students learn the technical issues of photography and learn to control the photographic medium. Studio lighting techniques and working ambient situational lighting is explored. Students examine various photographic approaches and philosophies to explore how photographic imagery can be used for personal artistic perception.


Basic concepts of acting for stage and screen. Students explore the actor's relationship to other players as well as to the camera. Aspects of performance as they relate to different modes of production are investigated, including acting for the effects-heavy production and non-linear media.