Courses in Digital Audio Business and Collaborative Music Projects at Cogswell College

Digital Audio Business and Collaborative Music Project Courses


Presentation of practices essential to a professional career or business in the audio industry. Topics will vary from one offering to the next and each offering typically will feature more than one topic. Suitable topics include music distribution, A/V project management, Web 2.0 for audio, audio intellectual property, and studio proprietorship.


Part I of the senior capstone project. The practical focus will be on topic research, identifying relevancy, practicality, resources, challenges, competitive analysis and marketable advantages, project planning and gathering resources. Students will complete a rapid prototyping assignment based on their chosen project. Requirements and deliverables of the course will be customized based on the individual needs of each student’s chosen portfolio product or service, and may include a marketing plan, an artist one-sheet or a business plan. The lecture part of the course will be also customized and may include topics ranging from intellectual property, distribution and licensing, as they apply to audio production. The course will culminate with a written progress report, a Portfolio 2 production plan and time-line.


Part II of the senior capstone project. The practical focus will be on the execution of student’s Portfolio 1 production plan, guided by reviews and frequent feedback from instructor. May include registering intellectual property, packaging finished product and setting up online promotion- and delivery channels. The lecture part of the course will be on product- or service presentation for potential employees and/or clients, market positioning. Final delivery of the project will include an oral presentation and a URL to a web-based written presentation.


A collaborative, potentially interdisciplinary, practical project. May be a live project with real-life client(s) and strict deadlines. Students work on two 7-week, or one 15-week full-cycle audio- or audiovisual production in an audio production team, where student may be required to fulfill various roles, typically that of an audio engineer, sound designer, composer and project manager. Full-cycle production may include client meetings, concept development, production and delivery. The lecture part of the course will include client communications, team management- and communication principles, the EER approach and file management practices. The deliverables of the course can be integrated into individual student portfolios. Prior approval required.