Digital Media Business - Leadership and Management Courses at Cogswell College

Leadership and Management Courses


Multiple aspects of collaboration are studied with models of team work as students create and test their own leadership styles. Team building is explored during cycles of team formation, brain storming and collaboration norms while maintaining an assigned service learning project.


Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. Project teams will gain practical experience in completing an assigned project by organizing it, assigning tasks, and developing a sequence of activities. Students will become fluent in MS Project and Excel through the creation and management of timetables, schedules, project completion, progress tracking and results evaluation.


A detailed exploration of innovation and change management as practiced in a growing organizational setting. Students develop skills in identifying problems, analyzing solutions and making recommendations in situations representative of the real digital media companies. Students simulate the role of managers of the organization.


Concepts of personal development, lifelong learning, team building and leadership are taught utilizing the context of a personal business plan. Students create an on-going self-development plan by completing a personal self-assessment that codifies their strengths and weaknesses. This course pushes students to develop a mental model of who they want to be as an manager, recruit a team of mentors and track skill development.


Examines key emerging issues related to leadership and opportunity in the rapidly changing global digital world, including its effect on technological change, culture, communications, product life cycles and competition. Explores new technologies on the horizon, and integrates expanded data, such as new demographies, to explore and analyze these new technologies. Also includes the capacity to innovate, change, and reconfigure resources and capabilities to meet emerging needs in a rapidly-changing world within the organization.