Courses in Game Production, Game Development and Game Art at Cogswell College

Game Production, Game Development and Game Art Courses


Introduction to video game development and various project production models and team structures through lectures, discussions and simple game projects. Lessons learned from studying project post-mortems, case studies and employing various tools, techniques and strategies will develop skills in ideation, iteration, troubleshooting, risk assessment, adaptation, communication, team management, organization and leadership.


This course introduces assessment and analysis of game usability throughout game production. Students run usability and quality assurance testing sessions for games from other project classes. Topics include focus testing, moderated discussion groups, roles and processes in quality assurance, bug reporting and regression, player psychology and observation, and measuring and quantifying subjective experiences.


In this class students will create animations for Game Development. Students will focus on Game specific animations such as Prototypes, In-Game cycles, Paired Animations and Combat. Students will get familiar with the animation pipeline, tools, and associated physics using a game engine. Students will learn to speed up animation workflow, and capture character personality & aesthetics according to direction given. In-Game animations will cover basic Idles, Hits, Attacks, Chain attacks and Reacts.


Covers all aspects of environment art for real-time applications (current-gen games, virtual worlds, and 3D mobile/flash games). The technical requirements and conventions of general games modeling will be covered, with a focus on translating the student’s general modeling and texturing skills to the more technical and systematic world of environment art for use in a widely-used game engine.


A multi-disciplinary team is guided through a typical video game development production lifecycle. The focus is on working as an effective and efficient development team to produce a capstone game project on schedule. Skillsets are tested and knowledge is directly applied. Team members assume roles similar to those in the video game industry and will have opportunities to work and network with industry professionals. Prior approval required.