Sculpture, figure and character, courses at Cogswell College

Sculpture Courses


Explores three-dimensional form. Emphasizes concept development, expression, spatial concepts, and comprehension of 3D space. Students learn techniques and tools used to create 3D artworks. Students work in traditional clay media.


This course is designed to develop the student's understanding of the gestural, constructive and anatomical structures of the figure- applying the knowledge to unique character and figural sculpture in traditional sculpting mediums. May be repeated once with recommendation from the instructor. Students will demonstrate advanced skills in classical clay modeling techniques by building clay figures.


Explores portrait sculpture for character development. Emotive qualities of human expression using plastine. Students focus on the anatomy of the head and neck as critical to the development of emotionally convincing characters.


Students will utilize fast and simple modeling techniques for creating meshes without UVs. Students will design in 3D quickly as possible to aid in concept design. Students will cover various lighting, texturing and painting techniques. Discussion of UV unwrapping and retopologizing the models built with Dynamesh and Shadowbox for production will also be covered.