Web Design, Web Programming and Web Development Courses at Cogswell College

Web Design & Web Development Courses


Introduces World Wide Web concepts, visual and technical web site design, information management and delivery. Topics include: buliding content for the web, HTML, preparation of graphics for the web, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), information architecture, interface design and web development tools. Students practice basic principles of interactivity by learning how to create, publish, and maintain a multipage interactive website.


This course is a combination of marketing, desktop production and web design. Students learn the basic principles of online marketing by learning how to create, publish, and maintain a multi-page interactive web site which promotes a digital media product or service. Students will study social engagement and social value models for a range of entities, including not-for-profits and social enterprises as well as commercial organizations. Principles of social and conventional media engagement are presented as well as techniques for measuring engagement and keeping up with the fast changing social engagement landscape.


Code HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript API’s to create interactive web pages for mobile, tablet and desktop browsers. Includes FTP, basic design principles, accessibility mandates and search engine optimization. The JavaScript API’s would possibly include things like Geolocation and Canvas drawing/animation. In this course HTML and Java Script (and CSS) will be hand-coded to gain bottom-up understanding of the tools and environment.


This class will cover how to understand target customers and users by collecting and analyzing consumer data from social media and other sources. Emphasis will be placed on using appropriate tools, along with developing attitudinal segmentation and user personas as well as testing concepts with consumers. Students will survey methods such as web scraping, text analytics and cluster analysis as they relate to understanding consumer behavior.


HTML, XHTML. Servlets. Java threads to Java beans. Introduction to JSP. Non-Java related technologies for web development such as Perl, PHP and Javasript.