We work with students to help them commercialize their creative work with the goal of bringing it to the mass market.

Cogswell cultivates creativity and innovation by bringing together students who are passionate about working in digital art, audio, game, and engineering and fostering a collaborative environment that stimulates the free flow of ideas. We often encounter novel applications that given the proper guidance and resources can be leveraged into true commercial entities.

The role of the Idea & Innovation lab is to provide a support system for selected initiatives and help bridge the gap from concept to commercial applications. The resources at Cogswell offer many alternatives for supporting its students' efforts. For example, business plan guidance can come from our entrepreneurship program or technical assistance from our engineering department can help a student convert an idea into a mobile app. Additionally assistance also comes in the form of appropriate work-space, tools, and access to the entrepreneurial eco-system of Silicon Valley.

How do we find projects?
The lab encourages students and faculty to present ideas for consideration! In addition, we actively scout for possible projects, both internally and with external partners.

...So you have an idea?
Drop an email to the head of the lab, Prof. Zachi Baharav (, and we'll start the process of consideration.

Past and Present Projects:

  • MediaWorks - Visual and Audio logos and short animated commercials.
  • Game Studio - Mobile Game version of one of Prairie Rainbow's math board games.


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