Full Time Faculty

Anthony Dias

Anthony Dias
Instructor, Digital Audio Technology

Anthony Dias is a Cogswell Alumnus, Instructor and Faculty Advisor in the Digital Audio Technology department from which he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 2009. Before transferring to Cogswell to study Digital Audio Technology, Anthony spent two and a half years studying Computer Arts and Animation at West Valley College.

He serves as the Visual Director for Cogswell MediaWorks; a collaborative, project-based course in which visually oriented students work with audio students to create short AudioVisual pieces for real-world clients.

Before his full time appointment at Cogswell, Anthony worked as a video editor, photographer and production manager for IDIAS Production. Prior to that, he was video editor for SpanishMasters Creative Studios, where he edited hundreds of locally and nationally broadcast television commercials for the Hispanic Market.

As an independent artist and music producer, Anthony is influenced by an eclectic variety of genres such as; French House, Progressive Trance, Hip Hop, R&B, Mariachi, Classical Music and EDM. His music tends to be beat-driven, with filter-modulated synth bass sounds, strong chord progressions and driving lead synth melodies.

He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society, ACM SIGGRAPH and he is also a founding member of the Bay Area Reason User Group.