Full Time Faculty

Vinh Phat

Vinh Phat
Associate Professor, Engineering

Professor Vinh Phat has been teaching in higher education at many Silicon Valley institutions and companies. He was an adjunct professor at Santa Clara University Graduate School of Computer Engineering Department teaching Operating Systems, UNIX Internal and was a Senior Lecturer at San Jose State University in Math/CS department.

Prof. Phat has had many years of industrial experience at: NASA-Informatics in Statistics, Database, Rolm Corp. in Compiler Design and Sun Microsystems in UNIX system.

He has been with Cogswell for over 22 years teaching Mathematics, Computer Engineering, Digital Art Engineering, and Software Engineering and was the Engineering Department Chair from 1992 – 2005 at Cogswell.

His research and interest are Sequential and Parallel Algorithms, Compiler Design, and Concrete Mathematics for game developers and software engineers. He won the Professor of the Year 2010-2011 teaching award and the prestigious 4 years Scholarship and Leadership award of USAID in engineering. Recently, he served as the Interim Director and Associate Director of Engineering.

In his spare time he enjoys chess, and keeping fit by lifting weights, doing sprints and pushups.