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Nirmal Singh

Nirmal Singh
Associate Professor, General Education

Nirmal Singh has taught mathematics at Cogswell College since 1980 and is presently an Associate Professor in the General Education program. Prior to coming to Cogswell he served as chair of the Mathematics Department and taught physics at Khalsa College, Fiji Islands. He also taught mathematics at G.H.G. Khalsa College, Punjab, India, and at Bikram College of Commerce, also in Punjab. India.

Professor Singh specializes in applied mathematics. His particular interest is in developing new methods to simplify complex multiplication processes. At Cogswell he has taught students in all programs and prides himself on making math accessible to all. His concern for students and emphasis on pedagogy has made him a popular and successful teacher.

Professor Singh is a graduate of Panjab University, Punjab, India (MA in Mathematics and BS in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics), and of Cogswell Polytechnical College (BS in Engineering Technology). In addition, Professor Singh holds certificates in a number of digital media tools.