Global Game Jam - Cogswell Polytechnical College, Sunnyvale, CA

Global Game Jam

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Free Software:

Corona SDK
Unreal SDK

Click Here for a Map of Local Area with POIs


Questions? Contact:

Albert Chen
(408) 498-5118

Global Game Jam
You will need to register on our site as well as the official Game Jam site.



Q:  When does it start and when does it end?
A:  We are scheduled to start at 6:00pm on Friday, Jan 23 and end by
5pm on Sunday, Jan 25, 2015.

Q:  Do I have to sleep over at Cogswell throughout the event or can I
go home?

A:  You can definitely go home to sleep if you choose to.  Just make
sure to let your team members know in advance and make sure you check-
in/commit any work you are working on before you leave.

IMPORTANT:  During the evening hours there will be a security guard
posted at the front entrance which will be the ONLY way in/out of the
school.  If you leave for the night, make sure you let the guard know
that you'll be back in the morning.

Q:  Are there hotels nearby?
A: Yes, please check the POI map.

Q:  Is there WIFI connection at Cogswell?

A:  Yes, we have free wifi as well as the option for wired connection
to the school network.

Q:  Can I use the computers and gear in the school labs?
A:  Because of security reasons, all computer labs will be closed.
However, if people would like to do some custom audio recording, we
can schedule to have the recording studio open for a limited time
during the event.

Q:  Are there showers at the school?
A:  No, only bathrooms.

Q:  What should I bring?
A:  Any gear you'll need for development.  Make sure you label all
your cables.  We will have outlets but you might want to bring your
own surge protector.  Also, if you have a cellphone, you might want to
bring a charger (we learned this from last year).

You may want to bring some flash drives or portable hard drives.
However, you will have access to a school server for all your team
storage needs.

If you plan to sleep on campus, please bring a sleeping bag and personal
hygiene gear.

Q:  Is my stuff going to be safe?
A:  During the evening hours until morning there will be a security
guard posted at the front entrance which will be the only way you can
come in and out.  The guard will have a list of all the registered
participants.  If you are not on that list, you will NOT be allowed

Q:  Can I invite friends and family to the event?
A:  For security and fire safety reasons, we ask that you do NOT ask
your friends or family to attend.  We might also try to connect a webcam
which will stream all the action live to the official Global Game Jam site.

Q:  What about food and most importantly COFFEE?!!!
A:  We will provide a few refreshments during the event.
You are encouraged to bring your own food or there are plenty of nearby
restaurants.  You can definitely leave to go grab some food and come
back in.

Q:  What software can we use?
A:  Anything that you legally own.  In terms of game engines, XNA and
icons Torque are official sponsors textures download ebooks Jenny Craig blogs templates html5
free forms templates 3d models free 3d model so they will provide free access to their
tech during the event.  Free versions of Unity3D and Unreal Engine are
also possibilities.  We suggest that you look over these and any other
tech prior to the event if you are interested in using them.

As for version control, we suggest subversion, bazaar, just to name a

Q:  Are we going to have an orientation this year?
A:  Probably not unless there is a huge demand for one.  We're hoping
that most of your questions will be answered through Google Groups.
You are still discouraged to form teams prior to the event.  At the
beginning of the event we will form teams with the aim of creating
teams with a balanced mix of disciplines.

Q:  Do I own the IP I create for GGJ?
A:  This is from the official GGJ site:

"The team/makers of the game hold all IP rights. However, the Global
Game Jam may use the games for demonstration as it sees fit. All games
must be posted in the state they are in as of 5:00 pm Sunday, January
25, 2015. If the team/makers of the game wish to upload subsequent
versions, they are welcome and we will host and archive them. All
participants and all games entered for GGJ must agree to a Creative
Commons, share, alter, no sell license."



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