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Cogswell the Dragon Rigged Model for Free Download


Named after the founder of our college, Cogswell is a fantasy creature designed for our Advanced Quadruped Animation course. Featuring a large wingspan and a long tail, Cogswell gives us believable weight, behavior, and aerial motion.

Female character rigged model for download


Female counterpart to Henry and just as fun to animate, Caroline features similar facial and bendy controls.

Male character rigged model for download


Named after our founder Henry Cogswell, this biped rig features full facial controls, personality, and fun bendy controls.

Cheetah, Jaguar, large cat rigged model for download


Designed for our Advanced Quadruped Animation course, Toothy combines detailed facial controls with a flexible spine giving us a wide range of motion and subtle acting.

Horse Rigged Model for Free Download


Thunder introduces animal locomotion to our Quadruped Animation courses. With realistic proportions Thunder offers our students opportunity to animate based on real world kinematics.

Small dog fully rigged free model download


A realistic Bull Terrier, Snowy is a versatile rig that could be any animators best friend. Snowy is utilized for multiple levels of animation courses that we offer.

Block male bi-ped rigged model for download


Created for our beginning Animation courses, Daniel is a biped rig designed for ease of learning human body mechanics.

Block female bi-ped rigged model for download


As Daniel's female counterpart, Goldie adds sparkle to any shot. Its also safe to assume that she's a Niners fan.

Simple Bird Flour Sack rigged model for download


A ball with wings, Flappy introduces our students to the fundamentals of aerial motion.

Simple Squirrel Flour Sack fully rigged free model download


A ball with character, Chippy has a long tail and a flexible body which makes it easy to learn the basic Principles of Animation.

Simple Rabbit Flour Sack Model for Free Download


Chubby features a springy body and limited facial controls. His long ears give students the opportunity to animate overlapping.

Simple Leg rigged model for download


A ball that is light on its feet, Leggy encompasses a classic ball bounce and basic biped motion.