Cogswell College Alumni Worked on Oscar Winning and Oscar-Nominated Films

Cogswell is pleased to congratulate all of its alumni who worked on six of the films in the running to win an Academy Award. Once again our talented grads have been part of the teams credited with creating some of the best films of 2013. The films and grads are:

Frozen - WINNER
Christopher Evart – Character Technical Artist
Chad Stubblefield – Modeling Supervisor

The Croods
Steven Sorensen – Final Layout Artist
Carrie VanEtten – Image Finaling Artist

Iron Man 3
Evan Clover – Animator (uncredited)

Pacific Rim
Carl Frytz – Visual Effects Artist (uncredited)
Gregory L. Smith – Pilot Suit and Conn Pod Arms Artist

Thor: The Dark World
Evan Clover – Animator
Carl Frytz – Previsualization Artist


January 21, 2014

Cogswell College Oscar Winners