Cogswell, Project X and the Oscars...

Ryan Rogers Chris Evart Chris Sutherland Jason Bettinger
Ryan Rogers Chris Evart Chris Sutherland Jason Bettinger

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Cogswell is proud to announce that four of our alumni were part of the 2013 Oscar winning team from Rhythm & Hues Studios. The studio won the Oscar award this year in the Best Visual Effects category for the film "Life of Pi." All four of our highly talented grads were also involved in Cogswell's award winning Project X production group.

Cogswell and Project X would like to congratulate one of the youngest supervisors at Rhythm & Hues - Ryan Rogers - for his monumental achievement; he guided his team to the successful and timely completion of the VFX and animation elements for "Life of Pi." We also congratulate the tremendous efforts of Chris Evart, Chris Sutherland and Jason Bettinger on the film. All three of them played crucial roles in the completion of the visual effects and animation for the film.

"It is very rare that artists get to play such pivotal roles on an Oscar winning team so early in their career. It's a testament to the industry-standard training they received here at Cogswell," asserts Michael Huber the director of the Project X program at Cogswell. Many Alumni who worked on Project X at Cogswell College have been placed at some of the largest and most impressive studios in the world, including Rhythm & Hues.

March 8, 2013