Genre Electronica Crew

Cogswell Group Invited to Participate in Maker Faire Bay Area

If you are looking for something to do in May - specifically May 19 & 20, - then you might want to consider heading to the Maker Faire in San Mateo. Prepare to experience a fun, interactive maze of demonstrations, exhibits, workshops and displays.

While you are there, look for Genre Electronica, a group of Cogswell students and their instructor, who have been invited to produce an interactive demonstration called "InStereoType Makes Music!"

Their goal is to make music on the spot by setting up their laptops, microphones, headphones, MIDI controllers, iPods and iPads in a way that encourages Maker Faire attendees to interact with the group. Guests will be invited to listen in, sing, make noise, provide verbal feedback and learn about the process of producing music on various DAWs (music making computer programs). Genre Electronica will also have at least one person going around the Maker Faire with an Audio Recorder, collecting sounds from the faire which will then be added to their productions and compositions.

In addition they plan to:

  • Equip each producer's laptop with at least two sets of headphones so attendees can hear what that producer is creating
  • Set up one free-standing station with MIDI controllers (piano keyboards, knobs and perhaps an iPad) where people can touch and play sounds of pre-created musical loops so that the music will sound "good" for almost any skill level
  • Have at least one laptop set up to show a "Break Down" of a song session where attendees will be able to see and hear separate elements of a finished musical piece created by students

Genre Electronica is an advanced "Group Project" Class that focuses the students' talent on producing a concept-based Electronic Music album. From inception to promotion, student's production skills are strengthened by group critique, collaborative production and analysis of the dynamics in the Electronic Dance Music industry, such as aesthetic, innovation and musical form.

We're excited to show off one of our new classes at this family-oriented venue that caters to people who like to explore, create, collaborate and innovate - the perfect Cogswellites!

May 01, 2012