Cogswell Held 2010 Commencement May 15

Commencement 2010     Commencement 2010
         Commencement 2010     Commencement 2010

Cogswell Polytechnical College held its 2010 Commencement on Saturday, May 15. Participants processed into the hall behind the Stewart Highlands Pipe Band of Menlo Park, led by Joe Roberts.

The ceremony took place at the San Jose Marriott hotel on Market Street in the second floor ballroom. Cogswell individually recognized each of the 27 graduates participating in the ceremony. In addition, awards were presented to outstanding students in each of the degree programs, two faculty members and a staff member.

Presiding Officials included: Dr. Chester Haskell, President; Mr. Michael Martin, Dean of the College, Mr. Michael Novak, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mr. Reid Winfrey, representing the Cogswell College Faculty Senate.

Award presenters included: Dr. Chester Haskell for the President’s Award and the Faculty and Staff awards, Mr. Reid Winfrey for Digital Art and Animation, Dr. Kathleen Broome Williams for General Education, Dr. Timothy Duncan for Digital Audio Technology, Mr. Vinh Phat for Engineering, Mr. Rob Chaitin for Student Life and Dr. Younes Mourchid for Fire Science.

  • Student Award Recipients:
    • 2010 President’s Award for Outstanding Student – Stepan Shurygin
    • 2010 Outstanding Student, Digital Art and Animation – Jessica DeLacy
    • 2010 Outstanding Student, General Education – Joseph Nery
    • 2010 Outstanding Student, Digital Audio Technology – Robert Ernst
    • 2010 Outstanding Student, Engineering – Dean Sala
    • 2010 Outstanding Student, Student Life – Phillip Jenne
    • 2010 National Fire Academy Achievement Award – Wayne Dailey
    • 2010 National Fire Academy Achievement Award – Brad Palmer
    • 2010 National Fire Academy Achievement Award – Jason Senior
  • Faculty Award Recipients:
    • 2010 Dorothy Scholten Award for Excellence in Teaching – Dave Perry
    • 2010 John & Ginnie Chin Excellence in Teaching Award – Tim Duncan
  • Staff Award Recipients:
    • 2010 President’s Award for Outstanding Staff – Cindy Ha

For their high academic achievement, graduates Wayne Daily, Degrees at a Distance/Fire Science and Robert Ernst, Digital Audio Technology were selected to speak to the estimated 500 graduates, family, friends, faculty and staff in attendance.

Mr. Gareth Chang delivered the Commencement Address. You can read the full text of his remarks.

About the Commencement Speaker:

Mr. Chang is the Chairman and Managing Partner of GC3 & Associates International LLC, a private investment and consulting company. He has over 30 years experience in developing high-tech and media businesses in the U.S. and internationally. He is currently the founding Chairman of D5 Studio which focuses on production and distribution of 3D animation, TV dramas and feature films for international markets. He is also the Chairman of Netstar Group Holding Company, a private equity funded network integration enterprise located in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China, as well as Chairman/CEO of Towona Media Holding Company, a mobile TV enterprise headquartered in Beijing. Read more.

May 17, 2010