Doug Mellinger, Cogswell College Trustee, Interviewed by NY Daily News about Entrepreneurship

Doug Mellinger

The NY Daily News posed the question, "Is the desire to become an Entrepreneur a learned or inborn trait?" They turned to Cogswell College Trustee and successful entrepreneur, Doug Mellinger, for an answer.

Cogswell had recently commissioned a survey to assess public opinion about whether or not colleges are doing a good job of helping future entrepreneurs gain the skills they need to create a thriving business. The survey results supported the approach of Cogswell's new bachelor and master degree programs in Entrepreneurship and Innovation in which it offers an immersive, hands-on education to help students grow a cutting-edge venture as the best way to give them the tools they will need to succeed.

Mellinger, who has spoken at Cogswell about Entrepreneurship, shared the following in the article:

  • Work on your resilience
  • Learn to silence your internal critic
  • Embrace your fire
  • Network
  • Find a mentor

You can read the entire article and read more about the survey results.

June 22, 2011