Cogswell Hosts Spanish Exchange Students

Spanish Exchange Students

For the third year in a row Cogswell Polytechnic College will play host to six students from Spain’s Universidad Francisco de Vitoria. The group – 4 men and 2 women – will be in residence from June 24 to August 13.

They will take accelerated classes in animation, game design, 3D Modeling and Texture Painting. In addition, the group will tour some of the Bay Area’s world-famous animation and game studios.

The students' line-up of classes includes:

Intro to Level Design Workshop: A six week intensive workshop that introduces students to the basics of 3D level design by using Unreal Tournament 3's level editor to build a playable multiplayer game level.

Texture Painting and Look Development: Introduces students to 2D digital painting, look development and texture painting for 3D modeling.

Digital Production Studios: Focuses on digital preproduction, production, post production and distribution via lectures and local studio tours. Large and small production facilities and their methodologies will be analyzed. Interactive media, games, visual effects and digital animation will be covered, compared and contrasted. World class quality will be qualified and quantified.

Introduction to 3D Animation: Introduces students to the user animation interface, the basics of motion and basic kinematic set-up. Students will learn how to create and manage files in a production pipeline environment. This is an early intermediate level class.

3D Modeling and Rendering: Covers extensive techniques for 3D Modeling and rendering. Faculty will discuss a wide range of topics including branch modeling, component modeling, organic modeling for animation and mechanical modeling - all with an emphasis on efficiency and form. The class will also tackle the basics of UVs, texture painting, sculpting and rendering. This is an early intermediate level class.

The classes are open to Cogswell students and provides a great opportunity for all participants to learn from each other and gain a better understanding of the global nature of the industry.

The Universidad Francisco de Vitoria, a relatively new institution, is focused on preparing students for careers in professional fields such as communications, nursing, and television and radio production. One of its fastest growing programs is digital animation, due to numerous opportunities in Spain and Europe for individuals properly prepared for digital media industries.

June 24, 2010