Cogswell College Professor Bret Sweet Spoke
At the NAACP Convention

Bret Sweet

Cogswell College announced that Bret Sweet, the college's first Entrepreneurship Professor, spoke at the NAACP's Annual Convention being held in Houston July 7-12, 2012. Sweet spoke about the value of entrepreneurship education and his own journey as an entrepreneurial musician, music promoter and restaurateur at a workshop for students within the NAACP's Commerce & Industry Expo featuring the first National Black College Fair.

"I am extremely honored to speak at the NAACP's Annual Convention," Sweet said. "Creating awareness around opportunity, education and entrepreneurship is a concept very dear to my heart." The 35-year-old Sweet has been teaching at Cogswell College since 2010. He holds an MBA and has been a driving force for high-school entrepreneurship through NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship) for over a decade.

"My grandfather led the NAACP in his town and fed the poor from his garden," Sweet recalled. "He raised his children to do the same. Opening doors is the family business." Sweet's father, Clifford Sweet, served as executive director for Legal Aid Services of Alameda County Calif., twice arguing civil rights cases in front of the California Supreme Court. His uncle, Wester Sweet, was a San Jose attorney who marched with Martin Luther King and battled civil rights issues for over 40 years in the Bay Area.

At Cogswell College, Sweet mentors and inspires his entrepreneurship students. Of particular note is Michelle Washington, a software engineering major who was selected as a finalist in the Intel Global Challenge, a technology and entrepreneurship challenge held in Mountain View, Calif., at NASA's Moffett Field in May.

Sweet's entrepreneurship speech and workshop was held at 1:30 pm and 3:30 pm on both Sunday, July 8 and Monday, July 9, within the Commerce & Industry Expo at the George R. Brown Convention Center. A Cogswell College information table was onsite in conjunction with Sweet's presentations. The college will launch a masters program in Entrepreneurship this fall.

July 9, 2012