Cogswell Faculty, Jerome Solomon, Interviewed by WASKUL TV

Jerome Solomon Interviewed by Waskul TV

Jerome Solomon, Director of Cogswell's Game Design & Development program, spent the last year as Chair of the 2013 SIGGRAPH Production Sessions. During the recent SIGGRAPH Conference in Anaheim he had the opportunity to talk in-depth on WASKUL TV about the program he put together for SIGGRAPH, trends in the industry and the work he does at Cogswell.

The interview covered the fascinating content he curated for the SIGGRAPH audience. A sampling of the sessions presented include: VFX for Warner Brothers “Man of Steel,” Blue Sky’s Fantastical World of “Epic,” Visual Effects of Marvel’s “Iron Man 3,” and Dreamworks’ “A Journey to the Croodacaous.” He received 45 requests from studios and major artists to present their material at the conference but he only had 15 slots available. The committee had to get creative to make sure that as many of the amazing artists as possible received adequate exposure for their work

Jerome also talked about a few trends emerging in the game and animation industries. Topics encompassed the impact of global competition, the need to complete high-quality projects more quickly, real-time technologies, how OpenSource software is changing the industry, the increase in medium-sized studios, how cloud services impact the flow of work and the increasing interactivity of technology.

Click to watch the entire 20 minute interview.

Next year, Jerome will be the Computer Animation Festival Director. Congratulations, Jerome!