Cogswell’s Game Studio Class Develops Game Prototype for CAH

Albert Chen

Albert Chen met James Zhang about ten years ago when they were both at LucasArts. Now Chen is the Director of the Cogswell College Game Development Program and Zhang is the Founder and CEO of Concept Art House (CAH) in San Francisco.

As often happens in the Game Industry, the two met again and discovered they could help each other. CAH is an international art service provider and original intellectual property (IP) developer focused on digital entertainment formats. Chen and the students in his class, Game Studio, produce games. The two decided to team up. Cogswell’s Game Studio is now working with CAH on a game prototype using their Daomu IP.

The game will be a character driven, action-adventure game based on characters and situations that appear in the Daomu graphic novel series. The prototype will be available to play at the NYC Comic Con in October and GDC China in December.

Check out Cogswell’s Game Studio Promo on YouTube.

August 23, 2010