Announcing Game Audio Major at Cogswell

Game Audio />

If you ever wanted to create the sounds you hear in a game or build the programs that drive the way players and sound interact in games, then check out Cogswell College’s new Game Audio major.

Students can enroll in this new educational opportunity now. The program has two tracks, Game Audio Production and Game Audio Programming. Graduates earn a fully accredited Bachelor of Science degree.

The Production track is for students who wish to create audio assets such as music, sound effects or dialog to play within a game or other interactive experience. Students in this track take courses in music theory, soundtrack composition and digital orchestration, as well as studio recording and audio production for interactive media.

The Programming track is for students who wish to setup how audio assets will interact with the player in response to game play. Students in this track take courses in C programming, object-oriented programming and programming interactive content as well as audio production for interactive media.

All Game Audio students have the opportunity to work on multi-disciplinary teams in instructor-led projects to gain direct experience in applying game audio skills. These two tracks complement the existing Audio Production and Audio Engineering tracks of the Digital Audio Technology degree program.

For more information please contact Tim Duncan, Director of Digital Audio Technology at Cogswell Polytechnical College at

September 8, 2010