Chinese Educators Visit Cogswell College

Chinese Visitors

On Monday, September 20, 2010, almost 30 Deans and Professors representing a number of universities in the Guangzhou region of Southern China toured the Cogswell Campus. They were traveling the West Coast visiting universities and digital media companies. The group primarily consisted of animators and programmers who were tasked with learning more about digital media education methods and to build relationships with companies within this industry.

The visit was made possible through the good offices of Cogswell Trustee, Richard Chuang. Dr. Chester Haskell, President, welcomed them to campus and Michael Martin, Dean of the College gave them a tour of our facilities. Questions really began to flow once they saw “The Offering,” the first animated short film produced under the umbrella of the Project X class, on the big screen in the Dragon’s Den.

Sophia Sun, one of the Chinese students currently studying at Cogswell under our partnership with the Communications University of China in Beijing, acted as translator. The group wanted to know how students got into the class, how many terms the students worked on the project, what kind of credit students received for such an intensive effort and how this tied in with other classes they were taking. They were definitely impressed with the quality of the production.

Dr. Haskell will be visiting China in a few weeks and will continue to foster our ties to Chinese universities and digital media companies.

September 28, 2010