Digital Art and Animation

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3D Animation

The 3D Animation concentration incorporates character, non-character and experimental animation into the curriculum. Techniques such as character motion, body language and character rigging are taught as fundamentals in the character creation process. In addition, students learn to create non-character animations such as visual effects, landscapes and inanimate objects in motion. Within our project-based learning environment, these skills and techniques will be used by students to create a short, animated film project in their senior year, or those accepted into the Project X program, will have the opportunity to work on a professional-level short animation project. Cogswell College's cutting edge technology and industry-experienced faculty help make the 3D Animation program unique and rewarding; by helping students realize their true potential and make their creations come to life!

Benefits of a Degree in DAA 3D Animation

  • Build a network of like-minded peers, alumni, faculty and industry contacts
  • Core art and design classes provide fundamental visualization and creative skills
  • Utilize skills gained to collaborate with other students on short films
  • Work on multi-disciplinary teams with students from other programs such as Digital Audio Technology and Digital Arts Engineering
  • Create 3D animations that can be used in the game and film industry
  • General Education component provides a strong narrative component
  • Project-based education where students learn by working in teams
  • Rigorous academic advising for timely graduation
  • Opportunity to work on an award-winning student production (Project X Studios)
  • Work closely with dedicated faculty
  • Build a highly-marketable resume and portfolio or reel with faculty guidance & industry-standard tools
  • Current curricula that covers the latest technological advances
  • Opportunities to work with visiting industry professionals
  • Work in teams with faculty on projects
  • Labs equipped with industry-standard hardware and software
  • Integrated lectures and lab work
  • Learn to use industry standard production pipelines

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