Digital Art and Animation

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Entertainment Design

The Entertainment Design concentration focuses on traditional and digital art techniques to create life-like design elements for film, video games or marketing and design firms. The ability to transform verbal and written directions into visual representations of characters and scenes is emphasized. Students also take courses in drawing, painting, illustration, character design and concept art for a deeper understanding of visual art skills and techniques and how they fit into a production pipeline. An understanding of how things are built within film, video games and other animation projects combined with great imagination; is at the heart of the Entertainment Design Degree Program. Our students also have the opportunity to collaborate with other college departments, in a project-based, comprehensive educational experience.

Benefits of a Degree in DAA Entertainment Design

  • Build a network of like-minded peers, alumni, faculty and industry contacts
  • Work on multi-disciplinary teams with students from other programs such as Digital Audio Technology and Digital Arts Engineering
  • Core art and design classes provide fundamental visualization and creative skills
  • Utilize skills gained to collaborate with other students on short films
  • Project-based education where students learn by working in teams
  • Rigorous academic advising for timely graduation
  • General Education component provides a strong narrative component
  • Create pre-visualization and concept work that can be used in games and animations
  • Work closely with dedicated faculty
  • Build a highly-marketable resume and portfolio or reel with faculty guidance & industry-standard tools
  • Current curricula that covers the latest technological advances
  • Opportunities to work with visiting industry professionals
  • Opportunity to work on an award-winning student production (Project X Studios)
  • Work in teams with faculty on projects
  • Labs equipped with industry-standard hardware and software
  • Integrated lectures and lab work
  • Learn to use industry standard production pipelines

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