Digital Audio Technology

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Game Audio Production

Game Audio Production offers students the opportunity to focus on the creation and production of soundtracks for videogames. Cogswell's integrated curriculum includes: music theory and composition, studio recording, sound synthesis, soundtrack production, digital sound design and computer programming. Game Audio Production students learn a wide range of concepts fundamental to game audio and engage in numerous hands-on assignments and projects. They also learn audio tools and formats particular to videogame production and then create audio assets (musical score, sound effects and dialog) for collaborative game projects in an instructor-led studio environment. Game Audio Production coursework culminates in a year-long collaborative game project that provides a bridge into a professional career.

Benefits of Game Audio Production Major

  • Study with experienced professional musicians, engineers and producers
  • Create original music tracks and soundtracks using industry-standard audio tools
  • Collaborate on team projects with dedicated and creative peers
  • Work in immersive, acoustically-treated studio environments
  • Learn essential audio and musical concepts that deepen practical audio skills
  • Expand your network of professional relationships with fellow students, alumni, faculty and guest presenters
  • Engage in marketing and distributing your creative work
  • Integrate cultural and social knowledge into artistic productivity
  • Focus on career-building activities with professional oversight