Fire Science

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Bachelor Degree in Fire Science

The Fire Science Program is a WASC accredited, upper division degree program sponsored by the National Fire Academy's Fire and Emergency Service Higher Education Program. The program is designed to give fire service personnel the opportunity to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Science with a concentration in either Fire Administration or Fire Prevention/Technology through distance learning.

Cogswell and NFA

A consortium of seven universities and colleges serving different regions in the country offers the program. Since Cogswell College is one of the seven consortium schools in the united States sponsored by the National Fire Academy, all Fire Science students who meet certain requirements can also earn two NFA Certificates along with their BS in Fire Science.

Courses for the Fire Science Program are delivered via an online course management system. In addition, Cogswell College offers five-day resident programs each term at various locations. Throughout the program, students are in touch with expert faculty members and helpful staff members.

Our faculty members have a wealth of experience in their specific fields with many of them holding positions such as executive fire chiefs. The fire science courses, recently updated by the NFA consortium members, maintain a high academic standard while still addressing the practical problems of the fire and emergency services.

Fire Administration/Prevention Technology

This program, which follows the Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education (FESHE) and the National Fire Academy models, prepares students to meet the challenges of preventing fires and reducing the loss of life and property in today's rapidly changing emergency services delivery system. The courses focus on analytical approaches to fire protection and investigation, personnel management, disaster and fire defense planning, hazardous materials management, fire-protection structure and system design, the role of the fire service within the community and political structure and the phenomena of fire propagation. The program improves the professional qualifications of all students and enhances their educational credentials and advancement prospects within their respective fields.

Degree Earned

  • Graduates in FS earn a Bachelor of Science in Fire Science

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Benefits of Fire Science Program

  • A Fire Science Degree from Cogswell complements the training provided by State Fire Marshall programs and the National Fire Academy
  • A Fire Science Degree from Cogswell provides for greater opportunities for advancement to leadership positions
  • A Fire Science Degree from Cogswell can lead to promotion and a significant increase in salary
  • A Fire Science Degree from Cogswell provides for exposure to the only Standardized Curriculum in the United States: FESHE

FS Learning Outcomes

  • Apply effective fire department administrative principles to career and volunteer fire protection organizations
  • Develop community-based fire prevention strategies for fire protection and emergency management
  • Develop a comprehensive hazardous materials management program from planning to post-incident phases
  • Demonstrate knowledge of principles involved in structural fire protection systems
  • Analyze the legal implications and aspects of the fire department's role in public safety
  • Conduct research using the scientific method to predict and control fire problems