Digital Audio Technology

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Bachelor Degree in Digital Audio Technology

The Digital Audio Technology (DAT) program offers students who seek professional careers in the audio industry the opportunity to focus on audio production or audio software development. The DAT program features an integrated curriculum that includes music theory and composition (for Audio & Music Production majors), studio production, sound synthesis, soundtrack production, audio mastering and audio software development (for Audio Software Development & Engineering majors). DAT students learn a wide range of skills and concepts fundamental to digital audio and engage extensively in project-based learning. All DAT students participate in a senior-level multidisciplinary collaborative project. Each concentration track culminates in a year-long senior portfolio or engineering project.

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Students focus in one of the following areas:

Audio & Music Production

Audio Production offers students an integrated curriculum that includes music theory and composition, studio recording, sound synthesis, soundtrack production, audio mastering and audio software development. DAT students learn a wide range of concepts fundamental to digital audio and engage in numerous project-based assignments and projects. They also learn essential professional skills such as music distribution techniques and strategies, studio proprietorship and intellectual property protection. Audio Production coursework culminates in a year-long senior audio project that provides a bridge into a professional career.

Audio Software Development & Engineering

Students learn the engineering skills needed to work in audio-related software product development. In a blend of software engineering and audio production courses, they acquire practical, project-based experience in using audio technology for audio, music and game production as well as developing cutting-edge tools used in the industry. As a special feature of this program, a student may choose between a project to develop an audio tool or consumer product, or participation in the game studio as an audio programmer, to complete the senior portfolio requirement.

Degrees Earned

Graduating in DAT earns a Bachelor of Science in Digital Audio Technology

Admissions & Application Information:

Benefits of Digital Audio Technology Program

  • Study with experienced audio industry professionals
  • Work with industry-standard audio and application development tools
  • Collaborate on team projects with dedicated and creative peers
  • Work in immersive, acoustically-treated studio environments
  • Learn essential mathematical and engineering concepts that drive new technologies
  • Expand your network of professional working relationships with fellow students, alumni, faculty and guest presenters
  • Focus on career-building activities with professional oversight
  • Create original music tracks and sound tracks using industry-standard audio tools
  • Integrate cultural and social knowledge into artistic productivity
  • Engage in marketing and distributing your creative work

DAT Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Students who successfully complete the DAT program of study will be able to:

  • PLO 1. Execute an audio production project from concept to delivery according to industry standards.
  • PLO 2. Apply best music production practices to individual or collaborative audio projects.
  • PLO 3. Represent within a STEM perspective the conceptual basis of the tools and processes used in audio production.
  • PLO 4. Model musical styles based on an integration of historical and theoretical knowledge.
  • PLO 5. Apply knowledge, reasoning and reflection to evaluate music and audio production.
  • PLO 6. Formulate the steps and processes toward a specific career path within the industry.

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