Digital Media Management

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Bachelor of Arts In Digital Media Management

Digital Media Management is the degree program that combines entrepreneurial thought, customer discovery, project management and business practices within the expanding marketplace of digital media. Cogswell College is located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the capital of innovation and the headquarters of some of the leading companies occupying the digital media space.

This degree gives students the specific skill sets needed to enter and thrive in some of the most competitive career fields in business - film management, publishing management, video game production management and other media management areas.

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Digital Media Management consists of four concentrations focusing on preparing students for management in the following fields: recording, gaming, entrepreneurial ventures or online marketing.

Audio Artist Management

Audio Artist Management is designed for musically inclined students who are looking to work in a management role within a recording studio, record label or artist management company. This major offers students comprehensive training in properly recording themselves or other artists as well as the skill sets to promote, manage and monetize the creative endeavors produced by recording artists. Students can use their training to set up their own artist management company, record label or recording studio.

Entertainment Media Management

Entertainment Media Management prepares students for management positions whether working in start-ups, media companies, or new tech based initiatives. This major brings together business modeling, accounting, marketing, project management, leadership, finance, team work and strategic management and is geared toward teaching students how to supervise production from iteration to completion. Capstone courses prepare students to work in the production departments of larger companies.

Game Design and Business Modeling

Game Design and Business Modeling is geared toward students who aspire to manage the creation of their own games, game studio or to move into a management role in an established game company. This major combines a foundation in asset creation with a strong focus in game design. In addition, students will take a sufficient amount of management courses to enable them to form teams and incorporate customer insights into planning, modeling, prototyping and launching an interactive game concept.

Interactive Marketing

Interactive Marketing is focused on how to connect organizations with their customers and constituencies through internet marketing, social media and interactive collateral. This major combines marketing fundamentals, customer insights, web analytics and digital media creation for students who want to apply their creativity towards marketing purposes.

Degree Earned

  • Graduates in DMM earn a Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media Management

Benefits of Digital Media Management Degree

  • Study and learn in the heart of Silicon Valley with access to some of the leading digital media companies in the world
  • Form and manage teams of students across disciplines ranging from animation to gaming to engineering to audio projects
  • Learn business principles by applying entrepreneurship to your own digital art inspired business concept
  • Build a portfolio of projects you have managed including your deliverables and success metrics
  • Opportunity to develop key customer discovery skills through work on student, faculty or industry projects
  • Develop a network of student peers, mentors, advisors, alumni, faculty and industry leaders
  • Innovative curricula pulled from recent technology advances, hands-on learning and integrated lectures
  • Engage with thoughtful, caring and accomplished faculty with industry and entrepreneurial experience
  • Ability to manage projects in on-campus creative studios for animation, audio and gaming
  • Curricula structured for maximum credit transfer from other schools
  • Rigorous academic advising for timely graduation

DMM Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  • PLO 1. Design an iterative business model.
  • PLO 2. Develop a management plan to leverage existing resources.
  • PLO 3. Formulate decisions and implement plans of action based on analysis of data.
  • PLO 4. Construct a portfolio displaying integration of digital media and systems.
  • PLO 5. Create effective oral presentation and written documents for the purpose of persuasion.
  • PLO 6. Demonstrate an effective leadership role in a team project.