About the Program

Are you interested in being a digital art freelancer? Starting your own game, audio or animation studio? Or maybe you're interested in production management on a video game or animated film team? The Digital Media Management major is geared towards those who are interested in the intersection of arts, technology, and business – specifically Management within Digital Media industries such as video games, animated films, audio studios and beyond. Cogswell has the distinct advantage of being located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the capital of innovation and the headquarters of some of the leading companies occupying the digital media space. Infused with the entrepreneurial spirit that permeates the Bay Area, this program combines entrepreneurship and innovation with best business practices, business theory, and project management. Utilizing theory and real-world experience from industry-experienced faculty, students build the skills to become managers or producers within a media industry, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

As creative industries evolve and commerce becomes more digitized, there is a greater need for people who understand and embrace new technology – and who can help lead others within emerging markets. To grow these types of leaders, Cogswell offers multiple opportunities for students to manage and collaborate with their peers on teams that mirror real development studios of artists, engineers, game designers, and audio experts. The end result is a portfolio of hands-on experiences that are transferable across any industry.