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Digital Arts Engineering (DAE)

DAE is the degree program at Cogswell that best exemplifies the intersection of engineering and digital art. As the market for animated movies, special effects and interactive entertainment demands increasing realism and sophistication in its content and imaging, the need for highly skilled people with specialized expertise in the entertainment industry increases. Students in the Digital Arts Engineering degree program develop their talent in art and design alongside studies in software engineering, physics and mathematics.

This degree is suited to the student who plans to follow a Technical Direction career path. Coursework will focus on: pipeline management, project troubleshooting, character rigging and setup, physical simulation, rendering and compositing, particle and image effects, art and design workflows, tool scripting and art asset troubleshooting and optimization.

Students will graduate with expertise in programming languages, tools programming, scripting languages and software development on the engineering side and concept design, modeling, texturing, rigging, and animation on the art side. These skills are essential in the computer simulation and visualization programming industries. Since the industry also places high importance on teamwork, Cogswell's coursework offers numerous opportunities to participate in multi-disciplinary team projects.

Benefits of Cogswell Digital Arts Engineering Program

  • Work on teams alongside Digital Art students that have the skills needed to make animated films and create visual effects. In addition, students in our digital audio program participate on our teams and entrepreneurship classes offer important management and marketing skills
  • Build a portfolio with faculty guidance and industry-standard tools
  • Build a network of like-minded students, alumni, faculty and industry contacts
  • Current curricula covering latest technological advances
  • Learn from caring faculty with industry experience
  • Work in teams with faculty on projects
  • Laboratories equipped with industry-standard hardware and software
  • Project-based education where you can learn and work on teams
  • Integrated lectures and lab work
  • Curricula structured for maximum credit transfer from other schools
  • Rigorous academic advising for timely graduation

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