How to Access Your Online ETUDES Class

In order to have a successful and enjoyable ONLINE learning experience with our course management system ETUDES_NG, you need to follow the following steps verbatim:

Step 1: ETUDES-NG Orientation

If you are new to ETUDES-NG and/or to online learning in general, you MUST attend the online orientation available in our website. The orientation offers an overview as to how online learning works, how courses are set up, what tools are generally used, what is expected of you, how interaction takes place, and how to succeed online. It also offers video Demo links on how to log in to ETUDES, navigating ETUDES, reading and posting discussion threads.

Click here to view and download Student user Guide.

Step 2: Configure your Brower:

In order for ETUDES to work for you, you need to configure your Internet Browser and upload Java on your computer. The system and browser requirements as well as links to free Java download are available on the Gateway of ETUDES-NG at

Step 3: Log-in to your ETUDES Class

When you are officially registered, follow the instructions below to log in to you online class. Access to classes is permitted on the first day of class at 8.00am only.

  1. Go to the system Gateway:
  2. Starting on the first day of the term, log in using:

Your User ID

the first 2 letters of your first name +
the first 2 letters of your last name +
the last 5 digits of your Student Identification Number*** (SID)
Please be sure to use lower case.

John Lennon's User ID would be jole45678 (if he had a student ID of S0000045678).

Your Password is: student (lower case)

When you log-in, you can change and personalize your password.

Start by reading the course announcements and follow its directions, then read the course syllabus, and visit the discussion forum and introduce yourself to your classmates. Make sure you know your weekly class obligations by logging on to your class on weekly basis.

Technical Support

First, complete the demo ETUDES orientation available above and make sure you have followed log-in and browser steps outlined above:

  • If you need help accomplishing tasks within your ETUDES class, please see the demo orientation above, and contact your instructor for further help if needed.
  • If you have issues with ETUDES, please contact the ETUDES Help Desk.
  • If you have issues with your Cogswell e-mail account, please contact the IT Help Desk.