Concept: A project-based learning Digital Audio Technology initiative, in which DAT and DAA students are collaborating on the production of short audiovisual pieces made for various Silicon Valley businesses and beyond.

Outline: Impressive sounding- and looking, dangerously original (or just simply dead professional) audiovisual pieces created by Cogswell students, who, under the guidance of Audio- and Visual Directors, produce industry-quality "media works" (origin of the name). The produced works include sound design, original music , animation, live action footage. The projects involve real life client meetings, creative brief- and concept generation, participation in the approval process, project- and time management, real deadlines, and of course, full-scale production (audio and visual) both individually, within teams and between teams. The production follows the true industry pipeline and delivery standards.

Tools used: Besides all the industry-standard software and gadgets, MW places great emphasis on not relying on the tools but creating and following a strong concept. We believe that creativity comes before technology.

Program created and projects directed by: Julius Dobos (Audio/Music Director) & Anthony Dias (Visual/Animation Director). Directors are utilizing their experience to turn a college course and learning outcome into a professional-level working production program.

Julius Dobos


  • 20 years of audio- and music production
  • Original Music Composition and Sound Design for major film & television productions
  • Lectures & Master Classes


  • Digital Sound Design
  • Electronic Music composition / Sound Synthesis
  • Film Scoring
  • Taking production beyond digital technology


Anthony Dias


  • Team Building
  • Multicultural Markets
  • Broadcast Advertising


  • Video Production
  • Video Post Production
  • Music Production
  • Photography


Current class format: 4-8 DAT students and 4-8 DAA student workers

Program deliverables: 1 completed production (a short film from concept to delivery) per 8 week, resulting in 2 pieces per semester (per student group). Target goal: 6-8 new pieces per year

Typical media format: 10s to 1 minute long logo- promotional- or other corporate communication films or animated films

Benefits to students:

  • Project-based learning opportunity
  • Collaborative learning environment, teamwork situations
  • Hands-on learning environment, individual work situations
  • Production experience that mirrors the actual industry pipeline and real life customs, decisions, challenges and problem solving scenarios
  • Exposure to the full production cycle
  • Improving production management skills and methods
  • Working with an actual client, experiencing client relationship management and communication skills
  • Strong pieces for students’ portfolios, immediately available to showcase, which can greatly increase their employment potential
  • Experience in working under realistic pressure

Medium-long-term goal: We are planning to turn the continuous project into a service "rendered" by Cogswell students (Cogswell MediaWorks) to corporations in need of audiovisual communication pieces, especially logo films. The ultimate goal is a leading, high in-demand program that provides practical, hands-on learning in the respective creative fields.

Current MediaWorks pieces include:

  • Cogswell logo film (completed in August, 2013)
  • Argus Insights (business) corporate logo film (completed in September, 2013)
  • ALearn (organization) corporate communication film (completed in October, 2013)
  • Cogswell College Audiovisual Branding Project

  • Panasonic (business) product presentation film (completed in January, 2014)
  • MediaWorks (program) self-branding logo films (2) (in production, to be completed in March, 2014)

Approximately 35 students have participated in various MediaWorks projects.