Game Design Art Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio of your best work must accompany your Cogswell Game Design Art admission request. Please send the best possible quality slides, photos, reproductions, and/or digital media. Portfolios that do not conform to the instructions below will not be reviewed. You cannot be accepted into the program without an approved portfolio.

The portfolio must contain slides or photos of at least seven original drawings and/or paintings. In addition, you may include photos or slides of sculpture, printouts, or computer created images. All portfolio material must be contained in a hardcover 1" or 1.5" three-ring binder.

Print your name on the spine of the binder with a permanent marking pen. Include a cover sheet with your name and address. This sheet should also list the contents of the portfolio by title, date, and medium, in correct chronological sequence.

Slides must be presented in a clear slide sheet. These are available at local photography supply stores and usually hold up to twenty slides. Slides must be labeled with your name, and artwork's title, medium, and date. Also, note the actual top of the photographs must be affixed to heavy paper or divider sheets using "photo corners" which is available at photo supply shops, the sheets should be secured by the rings in your binder. Please do not tape your photos to typing paper. Include a title sheet or label each photo with title, medium, and date. If you are using a regular camera, shoot in daylight without a flash. If possible, enlist the help of a friend or professional.

A portfolio will be returned if it is accompanied by a self-addressed, stamped envelope. A portfolio without return postage and SASE will be discarded after one trimester. Portfolios must be submitted with all application materials.