Information for Parents

You may not realize it, but you play a key role in the future success of your college student! Current research sponsored by The University of Arizona finds that a student's parents matter more in the next four years than ever before. On many college campuses parents drop their students off on the first day of school and hope to meet a totally different person at the graduation ceremonies- leaving all the emotional, academic and social growth and development of the student in the hands of the college or university. Our goal is to include you in this exciting next phase in your son's or daughter's life.

Before the Cogswell New Student Orientation we encourage you to have a heart to heart talk with your son or daughter about their academic goals and your expectations of them. We also recommend that your student signs a Parental Information Release Form so that you may talk with staff and faculty about specific information regarding your student's progress and development here at Cogswell. Without the signed release of information form we are restricted by the Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA) and may not discuss a student's confidential information.

Once your son or daughter has begun classes, you can support them in several ways. First, encourage them to get involved in clubs and activities. Involved students tend to do better in school. Second, try not to jump in and "fix" things. The Student Life Office exists to support your son or daughter through rough times and when they make mistakes. And finally, keep talking to your son or daughter. Ask them what they are learning or about projects. Don't make every conversation about grades.

We look forward to you being a part of our Cogswell Community. If you have any questions we have a well trained team of staff and faculty available to talk with you. Please contact our Student Life Office for more details at 408.498.5103 or