Summer High School Program
Cogswell College Summer High School Program for Juniors and Senior

Due to overwhelming response, the summer classes for 2015 are closed.
Please pre-register for 2016 below!

If you dream about becoming an animator, game designer, entertainment engineer or sound designer, now is your chance to begin realizing that dream. Spend the summer building the skills you need to enter these highly-specialized, exciting career fields; earn transferable* college credit; interact with world-class Cogswell College faculty and make lasting friendships.

Choose from a variety of courses representing several of our degree programs while you study alongside our undergraduate students for ten weeks. The classes you take are part of our regular curriculum so you can explore what learning at a college level is really like. Our small class sizes and project-based learning environment are designed to help you succeed.

Experience our exciting, hands-on classes such as:

  • Sketching
    • Introduction to the fundamentals of drawing. Perceptual skills and the use of line, shade, perspective, and composition. Students learn and practice these skills by working independently three hours per week. May be repeated once for credit with recommendation from the Instructor.
  • 2D Design
    • An introduction to the principles of two-dimensional image making with an emphasis on visual communication. Traditional and digital production techniques are covered. Students will learn about the form and function of graphic design various principles of perception and Gestalt theory, and how they relate to graphic design. The course also serves as an introduction to image editing software. 
  • Desktop Production Fundamentals (Audio)
    • Introduction to the software, methods and practices of desktop audio and music production, video editing and content delivery. Topics include an overview of computing basics, managing and processing of media, content creation and rendering audio and video files to disk. Methods for online publishing and preparation for on-the-air broadcasting are explored.
  • Introduction to Game Production
    • Introduction to video game development and various project production models and team structures through lectures, discussions and simple game projects. Lessons learned from studying project post-mortems, case studies and employing various tools, techniques and strategies will develop skills in ideation, iteration, troubleshooting, risk assessment, adaptation, communication, team management, organization and leadership.
  • Introduction to Scripting: Python
    • This class is a practical introduction to programming, using Python. Topics include declarative and imperative knowledge (“what” vs. “how”), problem breakdowns, and examples of declarative and imperative systems of computation. Students will implement several small programming projects in areas chosen by the class. By the end of the course, students will be able to implement their own programming projects, either independently or in collaboration with others.
  • Web Programming: HTML5
    • Code HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript API’s to create interactive web pages for mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.  Includes FTP, basic design principles, accessibility mandates and search engine optimization.  The JavaScript API’s would possibly include things like Geolocation and Canvas drawing/animation. In this course HTML and Java-Script (and CSS) will be hand-coded to gain bottom-up understanding of the tools and environment. 

  • Introduction to Mobile Programming, iOS
    • Mobile is everywhere, and programming for mobile devices has specific characteristics that put it apart from traditional setting. Small displays, small code footprint, adherence to View-Control-Model architecture, availability on different platforms, use of location-aware services and other sensors, and so forth. This course will involve hands-on application implementation for mobile platform. We will focus on native programming (using Objective C) on iOS platforms.

  • Communicating for Success
    • Students are taught the essential techniques for communicating effectively in the digital media industry as well as portfolio management. This course walks students through thinking critically as well as the application of about communication theory to gain key management skills such as communicating with constituencies, writing memos and emails, communicating ethically, listening and giving feedback, introduction to negotiation and working in groups, and giving presentations.

The High School Summer Program is $499 per course.

 *Summer pricing is not applicable to other semesters.

•  The Summer High School Program is exclusive to high school juniors and seniors who are currently enrolled full-time in a High School. Home schooled students may be eligible if they meet full-time high school enrollment requirements.

 •  Each of these courses leads to 3 credit units of college level course work and upon successful completion can be transferred to Cogswell College's 4 year degree programs.

 •  Class capacity capped at 20 students

 •  Class cost does not include supplies.

 •  Spots to be allotted by grade (priority for seniors) and on a first come first served basis. An Admissions Advisor will contact you to assist you with the registration process if your application has been accepted.

 •  For further details, please call 408-498-5123 or email

Enroll in the High School Program at Cogswell

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