Transfer Students

Transfer Admission Requirements

To qualify as a transfer student for the purpose of admission, the student must have completed at another college or university a minimum of 12 semester credits of transferable coursework. Students with fewer than 12 transferable credits will be considered for admission based on the Admissions Requirements guidelines for Freshmen. Applicants for transfer status are required to have an overall cumulative 2.5 GPA from all previous institutions. Applicants must submit official transcripts from previously attended colleges to Cogswell College at the time of application. Admission is contingent upon the receipt of all required documentation. A maximum of 64 lower division credits and 16 upper division credits may be transferred from all institutions combined.

Evaluation of Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is granted for individual courses equivalent to those in the Cogswell College curricula if they have been completed at a regionally accredited institution. The policy regarding transfer credit from a non-accredited institution is described below. Transferable courses that do not fulfill curriculum course requirements might be counted toward elective credit. Award of transfer credit is subject to the following conditions:

  1. Transfer credit will be granted only for coursework completed with a minimum grade of "C". Courses taken for credit only, with a "P" grade, may be transferred if a clearly defined institutional policy identifies the "P" grade as equivalent to a "C" or better.
  2. Transferable credit does not include lower-division work experience, physical education, ESL, or remedial courses.
  3. Cogswell College will accept credits from international schools for specific courses with the approval of the Dean of the College.
  4. The College retains the option to designate particular courses as residence requirements.
  5. Transferable credit does not include course work taken ten or more years ago.

General Education Transfer Credit Policy

Current Transfer Admission Agreements (TAA)

Current Transfer Credit Agreements

Transfer Credit From Non-accredited Institutions

In some instances, credit may be granted for work completed at a non-accredited institution upon the successful completion of 16 credits of coursework at Cogswell College. The amount of transfer credit will be based on academic criteria as determined by Cogswell College faculty and the Office of Academic Affairs. Advising and placement in classes will be based on an evaluation of the student's transcripts and any required placement test results.

Credits Earned at the U.S. Armed Forces Institute

Cogswell College is approved for veterans' training. Credit will be given, at the sole discretion of the College, for U.S. Armed Forces Institute (USAFI) courses if incompliance with the Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces, published by the American Council on Education. A maximum of 20 credits can be earned from USAFI courses. No credit will be given for basic training or military service. The student must satisfactorily complete one semester (12 credits) at Cogswell College before the award of credit becomes final.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Students may receive college credit for certain courses through exams administered by the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and the Defense Activity for Non- Traditional Education System (DANTES). Both programs are governed by the College Entrance Examination Board. A minimum score of 500 on a general CLEP exam, and a minimum score of 49 on a CLEP or DANTES subject exam is required to receive credit. A maximum of eighteen (18) Cogswell credits may be fulfilled with CLEP and/or DANTES, and/or Cogswell challenge examinations.

Advanced Placement Program

Students may receive college credit for certain courses based on scores of the Advanced Placement Test. Credit in appropriate courses will be given for examinations passed with a score of 3 or higher. These tests are administered by national testing organizations and test results must be sent directly to the College by the organization in order to be valid. The following Advanced Placement Courses transfer directly into Cogswell courses:

  • Art History (HUM120 The Nature & Hist. of Western Art - 3 credits)
  • Calculus AB (MATH133 Calculus I - 5 credits)
  • Calculus BC (MATH134 Calculus II - 5 credits)
  • Computer Science A/AB (SWE110 C Programming - 4 credits)
  • English Language (ENG100 Composition - 3 credits)
  • Music Theory (DAT100 Music Theory I - 3 credits)
  • Physics C (SCI145 Physics I - 4 credits)