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About Project X

Project X is a one-of-a-kind, project-based class that incorporates every component of animation film production for the big and small screen. This production class is currently only available at Cogswell Polytechnic College. Project X has very little competition with regard to the quality of instruction it provides or the standards it sets for animation production value. Participants have the opportunity to integrate all the disciplines of CG production including animation, modeling, texturing, effects, rigging, lighting, rendering, compositing and production management.

We have been fortunate enough to have at our disposal industry leading software from Pixar. Also, we have visits and access to some of the best artists in the business from companies including ILM, PDI/DreamWorks, Electronic Arts and Sony Pictures Image works, just to mention a few. Guests from various studios critique, educate, and work with the production.

Project X candidates submit by portfolio and entry is by invitation only - so if you want it, you have to be good and willing to work hard to perfect your craft. One of the secrets of Project X is that it does not run like a regular class but rather a full-blown film production company. Hours are long, aesthetics are very demanding and the artists are treated like professionals and not students. This total immersion creates an environment conducive to quality, camaraderie and the highest production value. We believe it's the best way to learn.

Project X offers an outstanding environment for anyone trying to learn the art of film production and animation. If you are interested in Project X feel free to contact us at the email below.

Michael Z. Huber,
Director of Project X

Films from Project X

The Offering | Worlds Apart